Texas Governor Executive Orders: Recent submissions

  • White, Mark (1986-07-20)
    Directing each state agency to immediately implement cost saving measures as part of the State's effort to reduce expenditures to levels commensurate with anticipated revenues - Summary Update
  • Clements, William P. (1990-06-18)
    Establishing the Texas Governor's Commission on Physical Fitness
  • Clements, William P. (1989-08-25)
    Establishing the State Coordinating Committee - National Community Fire Prevention Program
  • Clements, William P. (1989-08-16)
    Ordering the Director of the Texas Department of Corrections to credit all eligible inmates 30 days of administrative good conduct time.
  • Clements, William P. (1989-07-25)
    Transferring to the Ysletta Del Sur Peublo all of the equipment or other items held in trust by the State of Texas for the benefit of the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo